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Air conditioning repair service – 3 ways to find the right company

Just googling the words “air conditioning repair service” can cause anxiety for any home owner. Especially when you are looking for a new air conditioning contractor. That’s because air conditioning repair service calls can cost any where from a few hundred dollars to several thousand depending on the nature of the problem. Unfortunately, there are sometimes unscrupulous air conditioning repair service companies in any town that will try to take advantage of homeowners by recommending a repair based on the profitability of the job instead of the service required.

1) How long has the air conditioning repair service company been in business?

Master Craft has been in business since 1977. That’s over 45 years. We have managed to stay in business all of those years by providing trustworthy advice, great service, and excellent technical ability to our customers.

All three of those things should be a consideration when deciding on an air conditioning repair service company to service you HVAC system.

2) Is the person coming to your home an employee or a contractor?

Who is coming to your home to perform your air conditioning repair service call? is it a full time eployee of the company you called, or is it a contractor?

If you call Master Craft, it will be a full time employee. That is because we do not use contractors. Why? Because we can’t guarantee the high level of service we expect from just anyone. Our employees know that the bar is set very high when it comes to both expertise and service. That is how we have stayed in business all of these years and so we’re going to keep on doing it.

When you call Master Craft, the person that will come to your home to diagnose and repair your air conditioner will be a technician, not a salesman. So you can be confident that they are only interested in providing you the quickest solution to your problem and getting your ac system working again as quickly as possible.

3) Do they offer same day response time, even after regular business hours?

You never know when you are going to need an air conditioning repair service call. Odds are, it will not be between 8:30 and 4:30 Monday through Friday. That’s because there are a lot more hours in a week than forty. Plus, a lot of people aren’t at home during the work day. so chances are they are not going to know that the AC system is in need of service until after they get home. There’s nothing worse than finding out the air conditioning repair service you chose will not be able to come out until the next day. Or worse, the next week.

That’s why you should call a company like Master Craft. We have ac repair technicians on call to respond to ac problems that happen after business hours.

So if you are considering calling an air conditioning repair service, please consider calling Master Craft. We provide great service and honest advice on your best repair option.







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