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Learn to stop your water heater from leaking.

So you want to stop your water heater from leaking, there are several causes of water heater leaking ranging from loose valves to corroded thermostats. However, water pooling around your heater does not always signal a leak. Depending on the location of...

Fire Sprinkler Omega Recall

In October of 1998, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Central Sprinkler Company issued a joint nationwide recall of 8.4 million Omega brand fire sprinklers. However last week, we had two new customers with Central Model HEC-12 installed and had no idea...

Weekend Warrior: Ask for plumbing help

It is Friday, so this is for the do-it-yourselfer planning their next project. Last weekend at the hardware store, I saw a guy buying a few plumbing parts. I asked him what project he was working on. Clearly frustrated, he responded his intention was to...

Master Craft Explains Backflow Certification

This is part three of three in the series of blog articles to explore why backflow prevention is important for us all, who has or should have a backflow preventer, and why certification of that device is needed. Certification is needed! Just like all working systems,...

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