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Plumbing System: How to Detect Leaks

A troublesome issue that you may come across involves leaks in your plumbing system. Though you can enlist the help of a plumber to help fix the issue, some methods can be used to detect the leaks on your own to make sure that another underlying culprit is not causing...

6 Air Conditioning tips to keep you cool this summer.

Your summer electric bills in Florida will likely be the highest bills if you compare the dollar amounts throughout the year. I can say this from personal experience. Here are a few tips to keep you cool this summer and your air conditioning system working properly....

Why a tankless water heater is really thankless.

On the eve of Earth Day, I find myself doubting all marketing that says it is "good for the earth" and "green". Especially when green marketing of an appliance is a nicety, not a necessity. (i.e. a "green" clothes dryer...is a clothes line and it is not available...

Fire Suppression Systems Save Lives!

Concerned about Fire Safety? We know the answer, Fire Suppression Systems. Safety improvements made since a fatal fire at a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill fraternity house more than a decade ago helped stop a recent fire at a...

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