Concerned about Fire Safety? We know the answer, Fire Suppression Systems.

Safety improvements made since a fatal fire at a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill fraternity house more than a decade ago helped stop a recent fire at a UNC fraternity house from spreading.

Sadly, the Fire Suppression System requirement and changes came after an early-morning fire on graduation day and Mother’s Day — May 12, 1996 — at the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house caught fire at the university killed five people.

All fraternity and sorority houses at the University of Northfire-suppression-systems Carolina at Chapel Hill now have Fire Suppression Systems and are inspected twice a year. And each Greek house has its own student fire marshal. The Phi Gamma Delta house has since been rebuilt and safety-equipped, including two stairwells on both ends of the house that are shut off, according to Sam Heathcote, who serves as the house’s fire marshal. There are also fireproof doors.

Chapel Hill firefighters responded last week to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill fraternity house after a bed there caught fire on Monday. Chapel Hill Deputy Chief Fire Marshal said a small personal electric fan fell onto the bed, heated and ignited the fire. The building’s Fire Suppression System extinguished the fire and there were no injuries.

Did you know there has never been multiple deaths caused by fire in a fully sprinkled building?