Spring brings many things…warmer weather, blooming plants and tax refund checks! Plumbing and taxes–two things we all have in common.

This is the year to rejuvenate your bath or kitchen plumbing fixtures with your tax refund!

Trends are showing people are spending more time at home and moving less so upgrade your surroundings now with better fixtures. Especially since you are home to enjoy them more often, the personal ROI for upgrading and fixing plumbing issues has never been greater! 

Blake Ellis, staff reporter for CNN Money, says the average 2010 refund is about $3000 — a 5% boost from the previous year.

Here are some rejuvenating renovation examples using half and all of the average tax refund money:

Option One: $1,500

Shower Bath Upgrade

  • one standard water closetrejuvenate-your-kitchen-plumbing
  • one china lavatory replacement
  • single handle lavatory faucet


Kitchen Upgrade

  • new stainless steel sink
  • single handle sink faucet
  • garbage disposal
  • ice maker water line


Option Two: $3,000

Tub Bath Upgraderejuvenate-your-bath-plumbing

  • standard tub replacement
  • one water closet
  • two single handle faucets


Personal Shower Upgrade

  • one rain shower head
  • multiple standard shower heads
  • body sprays

All fixtures and faucets to be standard contractor grade and may not be those pictured. Also note, the price examples do not include any other trade’s work that may be necessary such as wall board, tile, cabinets etc.

Here are some tips to selecting a craftsperson to complete the work and why a do-it-yourself type agrees to call a professional!


Do you plan to reinvest your tax refund dollars back into your home?


Images: Morgan Bros Supply